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Wholesale Catalogue 2016/2017

Welcome to our new catalogue for 2016/2017. After more than 25 years it is a great source of satisfaction to us that many of our first customers in 1989 are still customers to this day. Our aim at Griffin Nurseries has always been to provide the best possible selection of well grown hardy nursery stock to our clients, and the best advice and customer service.

Even in these difficult economic times we continue to expand our container unit and open ground tree production areas. Every year we are adding more varieties to our product range. We welcome any suggestions from clients for plants that they would like to see in production on our nursery.

Customers are always welcome to visit the nursery and reserve trees and shrubs for delivery later. It is always best to make an appointment so that we can give you our best attention.

The catalogue contains details of our open ground and container trees and shrubs (container plants are denoted by a bold letter 'C' and the size of the pot in litres). Deciduous and evergreen hedging and woodland plants are listed at the back of the catalogue.

The plants are listed by their proper names, with a diagram to indicate possible mature height and spread. These diagrams are only a guide and cannot be taken as an absolute size for any types. Common names are given in brackets followed by a short description. All container sizes are given in litres, with prices in pounds sterling.

Open ground trees are listed in centimetres of girth measured at 1m, or in centimetres of height for feathered trees. Open ground trees are now listed as rootballed only (RB). Some smaller grades of trees may be able to be supplied bare root at the customers request.

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