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Herbaceous PerennialsHerbaceous Perennials
Shrubs - 10L - 130LShrubs - 10L - 130L
Specimen PlantsSpecimen Plants


campestre [Field Maple]
A medium sized native tree, golden tones in autumn. Forms a dense head.
campestre 'Elsrijk'
A medium sized tree with a dense, conical habit.
cappadocicum 'Rubrum' [October Glory]
'October Glory' is a large deciduous tree with erect main branches. Leaves 3-lobed, dark green above, whitish beneath, brilliant crimson in autumn. Flowers crimson on bare branches. Excellent selection of the red maple.
freemanii 'Autumn Blaze'
ginnala [Amur Maple]
Vigorous and spreading plant which is either a large shrub or small tree. Bright green three lobed leaves turn a spectacular orange and crimson in the autumn.
griseum [Paper-bark Maple]
Fantastic colour in autumn with a striking peeling bark; slow growing.
japonicum 'Aureum' [Downy Japanese or Fullmoon Maple]
Beautiful, small, slow growing bushy tree or large shrub with soft yellow leaves.
palmatum [Smooth Japanese Maple]
A small tree or large shrub with 5-11 deeply cut lobes on each leaf. Leaves are light green in summer turning red in autumn.
palmatum 'Bloodgood'
A form of 'Japanese Maple' with dark red leaves, turning to a more vibrant shade in autumn.
palmatum 'Dissectum Garnet' [Japanese Maple]
A lovely 'Japanese Maple' with bronzy purple, feathery foliage that turns scarlet in autumn. This tree forms a dense rounded head.
palmatum 'Fireglow'
A superb maroon-red leaved 'Japanese Maple'. Bright red leaves in autumn.
palmatum 'Red Emperor'
palmatum 'Seiryu'
palmatum 'Skeeter's Broom'
palmatum 'Tamukeyama'
platanoides 'Crimson King'
A large tree with deep crimson leaves that retain their colour throughout the summer.
platanoides 'Drummondii' [Variegated Norway Maple]
An attractive tree with green leaves that have creamy-white margins. This form is slightly slower growing than the common 'Norway Maple' and is very popular as a street tree.
platanoides 'Emerald Queen'
A fine, upright form of the 'Norway Maple' with emerald green leaves.
rubrum [Red Maple]
Large tree with rich red/scarlet autumn colours.
hippocastanum 'Baumannii'
Shorter flower panicles that are longer lasting than A. Hippocastanum. Does not bear fruit.
x carnea 'Briotii'
A compact form of 'Red Horse Chestnut', large in size.
canadensis 'Robin Hill' ['Snowy Mespilus']
A small upright tree with a dense habit. Profuse flowers in the spring begin as pink buds and turn white.
unedo [Strawberry Tree]
White bell-shaped flowers and strawberry-like fruits. Shiny evergreen leaves. Lime tolerant.
albosinensis 'Fascination' [Chinese Red Birch]
A birch with a warm coppery/pink peeling bark becoming increasingly popular as a sophisticated alternative to the somewhat ubiquitous white stemmed birch. Leafs out early in spring and provides a rich golden autumn show. Slow to moderate growth rate. A shallow rooting tree.
albosinensis 'Septentrionalis' [Northern Chinese red birch]
ermanii [Gold birch]
jacquemontii [Himalayan White Bark Birch]
A medium-sized tree with stunning white stems.
nigra [River Birch]
Conspicuous for its flaking pinkish bark. This is a superb tree for wet sites.
pendula [Silver Birch]
pendula 'Youngii' [Young's Weeping Birch]
A small very pendulous tree with an excellent whitish bark.
japonica 'White'
sativa [Sweet Chestnut]
A fast growing and large tree. The tree is covered in male and female catkins from July.
bignonioides [Indian Bean Tree]
bignonoides 'Aurea'
A golden form of C. Bignonoides, that becomes light green as the season progresses.
atlantica 'Glauca'
(Blue Cedar) Eventually a large tree with silvery-blue needles.
atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' [Weeping Blue Cedar]
Silvery-blue needles adorn the gracefully weeping branches.
deodara [Deodar Cedar]
A large tree with slightly pendulous branches.
libani [Cedar of Lebanon]
A large tree, that when mature holds its branches in horizontal tiers. Grey-green cones are held upright on the branches.
japonicum [Katsura Tree]
An attractive small tree. New shoots emerge a with the indistinct pinky flowers. Heart shaped leaves with rich tones in autumn and the scent of burnt sugar.
canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
A shrub or small tree. Dark red foliage throughout the summer months. Pink flowers prior to leaf emergence contrast well with the dark winter stems.
siliquastrum [Judas Tree]
A small tree with pink flowers in the spring, that turn to long purplish seed pods. Heart shaped leaves.
siliquastrum 'Alba' [Juda Tree]
A spectacular tree with upwardly wavy branches, producing an abundance of white flowers on bare stems in May, and offering pretty kidney-shaped light-green foliage in summer which turns yellow in autumn. The purple-tinted seed pods are often conspicuous from July onwards.
alternifolia [Pagoda Dogwood]
The tree is regarded as attractive because of its wide-spreading shelving branches and flat-topped head, and is often used in ornamental plantings. The flower clusters have no great white involucre as have those of the flowering dogwood, and the fruit is dark purple instead of red.
A large shrub or small tree with white flowers in the spring. The emerald green leaves are large and produce vibrant autumn colours. Less well known than the variegated form, but a very worthwhile tree as it can cope with partial shade and, to a degree, wet soil.
controversa 'Variegata' [Wedding Cake Tree]
A small tree with a silvery variegation to its leaves. When mature the branches are held in horizontal tiers, which gives it the common name . Creamy white flowers in the spring, turning to bluish-black fruits. In autumn the leaves turn red at the centre, with a pinkish blush to the silvery edges.
florida [American Flowering Dogwood]
A small bushy tree, known for the white bracts surrounding the flowers which open in May. Stunning autumn colours.
kousa 'China Girl'
An early flowering form. The flowers are surrounded by pure white bracts.
kousa 'var. chinensis'
A small open headed tree from China. The flowers, produced in June, have white bracts.
sanguinea [Common Dogwood]
Native hedgerow species with rich purple autumn foliage and red flushed stems.
Scented pale yellow flowers appear in March/April. Foliage resembles that of the 'Hazel'.
avellana 'Gustav's Zellernuss' [Hazel]
coggygria 'Golden Spirit'
A golden form of the 'Smoke Bush'.
Graceful arching shrub with sage green leaves, white underneath. White flowers followed by orange berries.
Low growing deciduous shrub with herring-bone pattern. Good autumn colours and red berries. Good for covering north and east walls, banks, etc.
A medium sized shrub with large oval leaves. Red fruits giving interest throughout much of the winter.
salicifolius 'Rothchildianus'
coccinea [Scarlet Hawthorn]
Native to North America, this attractive hawthorn bears clusters of gorgeous white flowers in May followed by round fruits that ripen to scarlet in September-October. These often persist to early winter and are enjoyed by birds.
laevigata 'Paul Scarlet' [Red Flowering Hawthorn]
Small showy double scarlet flowers.
A small native tree, often found in hedgerows. Profuse fragrant flowers in May. Red fruits in autumn are edible if cooked and particulalry useful in making preserves.
prunifolia [Cherry Leaved Thorn]
This tree has a dense habit and excellent autumn colour. White flowers are followed by red fruits.
sempervirens 'Pyramidalis' [Italian Cypress]
A vigorous but slender conifer with dense, dark green foliage.
involucrata [Handkerchief tree]
A beautiful tree, displaying its white bracts prolifically in May, resembling handkerchiefs. It does take several years to reaching maturity and flower, but it is definately worth the wait.
'Mont Rosa'
Large deciduous shrub which flowers in June with rose-pink flowers with darker tints.
angustifolia [Russian olive]
Elaeagnus angustifolia is a usually thorny shrub or small tree growing to 57 metres (1623 ft) in height. Its stems, buds, and leaves have a dense covering of silvery to rusty scales. The leaves are alternate, lanceolate, 49 cm (1 1⁄23 1⁄2 in) long and 12.5 cm (3⁄81 in) broad, with a smooth margin. The highly aromatic flowers, produced in clusters of one to three, and are 1 cm long with a four-lobed creamy yellow calyx; they appear in early summer and are followed by clusters of fruit, a small cherry-like drupe 1.01.7 cm (13⁄3221⁄32 in) long, orange-red covered in silvery scales. The fruits are edible and sweet, though with a dryish, mealy texture.
pungens 'Maculata'
Upright fast growing, evergreen shrub with leaves variegated yellow and green. Highly scented inconspicuous flowers.
x ebbingei
A fast growing shrub, gold shoots with silvery leaves beneath.
x ebbingei 'Limelight'
Upright, fast growing, evergreen shrub with leaves variegated yellow and green. Highly scented inconspicuous flowers.
japonica [Loquat]
Fantastic evergreen tree with large, firm, leathery leaves. Best grown against a wall in a sheltered position.
europaeus 'Red Cascade'
A low growing shrub with gold and green variegated leaves.
fortunei 'Emerald and Gold'
A low growing shrub with gold and green variegated leaves.
Small shrub with blue green foliage and conspicuous yellow-green flower heads during spring and summer.
macrantha 'The Bride'
A medium sized, deciduous, dense bush of weeping habit. In April and May the branches are smothered in large white flowers.
sylvatica [Common Beach]
A broad tree in maturity. The leaves emerge soft green with golden tones in autumn.
sylvatica 'Asplenifolia' [Cut Leaved Beech]
A slow growing form with narrow, deeply-cut leaves that emerge needle-like.
sylvatica 'Dawyck'
A narrowly columnar form, named after the Scottish estate where it was found.
sylvatica 'Dawyck Gold'
A golden form of the columnar beech.
sylvatica 'Dawyck Purple'
The purple form of 'Dawyck'.
sylvatica 'Purple Fountain'
An upright, purple form of the 'Beech' with pendulous branches.
sylvatica 'Purpurea' [Copper Beech]
A striking tree for a landscape.
'Brown Turkey' [Fig]
A small fruit producing tree. Succulent figs ripen dark red. Fragrant red flowers.
biloba [Maidenhair Tree]
A deciduous conifer, conical in form. Its fan shaped leaves turn yellow in autumn.
triacanthos 'Sunburst' [Golden Honey Locust]
An attractive tree with a wide crown and striking golden foliage.
x intermedia 'Ruby Glow' [Witch Hazel]
Strong growing cultivar with good coppery autumn colours and orange-burgundy, scented flowers.
x intermedia 'Westerstede' [Witch Hazel]
Deciduous shrub with superb yellow autumn colours. Highly scented, bright yellow, spidery, flowers proceed on bare stems from December through to February.
macrophylla 'Soeur Threse'
Familiar mop head hydrangea with large flattened heads of white florets. Typical height is 4-6 feet high. Good coastal plant which tolerates most soil conditions but best in neutral to acid soil.
paniculata 'Limelight'
'Limelight' is a robust, upright and spreading selection, 165 x 225cm, with very distinctive colouring. Leaves are yellow-green, stems pale grey-green, slightly blushed pink in places, pale brown below. Panicles form a very dense, broad cone, entirely green at first. Sterile florets open pale lime green, later grading through to white.
paniculata 'Pink Diamond'
Pink Diamond is a vigorous deciduous shrub with conical panicles of creamy white sterile and fertile flowers which age to a deep pink, borne from late summer into autumn.
aquifolium 'Alaska'
Very good clone of holly with spiky, dark green foliage. Very good variety to grow as a specimen tree or as a hedge. Female clone producing red berries.
aquifolium 'Golden Queen' [Holly]
aquifolium 'Nellie Stevens'
Dense growing variety with smooth, dark green, glossy leaves often up to 7.5cms long. Female clone producing large crops of orange-red fruits. Versatile variety which can be grown as bush or small tree.
aquifolium 'Sharpy'
A useful clone with small spiney leaves and a dense habit. Female clone producing orange-red berries.
crenata [Japanese Holly]
Small leaved, slow growing plant which produces small, black, shining fruits. Makes an excelent low clipped hedge.
nigra [Black Walnut]
A large, fast growing tree with deeply furrowed bark. Fruits are larger than the 'Common Walnut'.
regia [Common Walnut]
A fine medium sized tree that will eventually produce nuts.
paniculata [Pride of India or Goldenrain-Tree]
Broad headed tree 9-12m high. Produces large panicles of small yellow flowers in July and August which are followed by bladder like fruits. Flowers and fruits best during hot summers, leaves turn yellow in autumn. Easy to grow tree suitable for all soils.
lucidum 'Excelsium Superbum'
An attractive semi-evergreen variegated privet with white flowers from July to September. Leaves are shaded red in the spring.
styriciflua [Sweetgum]
Conical when young. Outstanding autumn colours.
styriciflua 'Worplesdon'
Colouring earlier than the species, a rich red autumn colour develops evenly through the crown.
tulipifera [Tulip Tree]
A large tree with tulip-like flowers on mature specimens. The attractive four loved leaves turn golden yellow in autumn.
Dense growing, small leaved evergreen shrub. Excellent hedging plant.
nitida 'Baggessen's Gold'
Dense, small leaved, evergreen plant with yellow foliage in summer.
nitida 'Maigrun'
Evergreen ground cover plant of dense spreading habit.
A medium-sized shrub with deep red-purple flowers that are paler towards the centre.
'Yellow Bird'
Upright deciduous tree with green leaves and fragrant yellow flowers.
grandiflora 'Gallisoniensis'
Large glossy leaves with a reddish-brown underside. White flowers are fragrant and produced in summer and early autumn.
grandiflora 'Little Gem'
This is a lovely tree with beautiful white saucer shaped flowers from an early age. Leaves are a classic glossy deep green colour with a furry brown underside. A nice compact tree with dense foliage, it is a consistently solid performer in the landscape.
Hardy small tree or large shrub. Slightly fragrant white flowers are produced in profusion during April. Grows well in all soil types including chalk.
lilliflora 'Nigra'
Most often this is a shrub but can be grown as a tree. Small purple pink flowers in May, similar to M. Susan.
A medium-sized shrub. White tulip-shaped flowers opening in April-May before the leaves.
Star-like white flowers open in March/April.
'Boskoop Ruby (fruiting apple)'
Popular Dutch cultivar producing excellent eating apples.
'Cox's Orange (fruiting apple)'
A popular fruiting variety.
Silvery spring foliage fades through to emerald green, before turning darker. Spring flower buds begin a deep pink, opening to pure white. Autumn fruits are red and yellow.
'Golden Hornet'
Masses of white flowers in the spring followed by yellow crab apples.
'Granny Smith'
Old favourite variety of cooking apple which reliably produces large crops of fruit.
'John Downie' [Crab Apple]
Large, edible crab apples, orange and red in colour.
Tried and tested variety of desert apple producing regular crops of sweet fruit.
'Red Sentinal' [Crab Apple]
Excellent fruiting variety with white flowers in spring followed by large clusters of deep red fruits which stay on the branches all winter.
'Rudolph' [Crab Apple]
Small upright tree with bronze-red leaves and rose-red flowers. Flowers are followed by long lasting, oblong orange-yellow fruits up to 2cm long.
germanica [Medlar]
Stiff ascending branches with fragrant white flowers May/June and abundant red fruits in the autumn.
glyptostroboides [Dawn Redwood]
A strong growing deciduous conifer. Conical in habit and with a shaggy reddish bark, this tree is most successful in a very damp location. Eventually a very tall tree.
alba 'Fruitless'
nigra 'King James' [Black Mulberry]
A small broad-headed tree with edible fruits.
antarctica [Antarctic Beech]
A medium sized unusual tree with small glossy leaves turning yellow in autumn.
An unusual tree with excellent autumn colour.
europaea [Olive]
A small, evergreen tree with silvery foliage, producing the edible olive fruits. Fragrant white flowers. Hardy in the mildest areas of the country.
'Goshiki (Tricolor)'
Striking evergreen with leaves mottled yellow.
Evergreen shrub with small dark green leaves and fragrant flowers April/May.
Small leaved, slow growing, evergreen shrub which produces a mass of sweetly scented, white flowers in April. Grow in full sun or light shade in a sheltered place and feed regularly. Good screening plant with dark green leaves reaching 2-3 metres in height and spread.
Evergreen shrub with intensely fragrant flowers in summer.
An evergreen shrub with sometimes 'Holly' like leaves. Fragrant flowers in autumn.
persica [Persian Ironwood]
A very fine small, spreading tree from the Caucasus. Glorious reds and golds in autumn. The flowers produce clusters of red stamens in spring.
tomentosa 'Fast Blue' [Foxglove Tree]
Hardy, deciduous, fast growing tree. Very free flowering clone giving a fantastic display of lilac-pink flowers in May. Can be grown as a bushy shrub if pruned hard to the ground each spring when it will produce huge leaves up to 60cm accross. Grow in full sun in well drained soil.
griffithii [Bhutan Pine]
Large elegant broad headed tree with long blue-green needles on drooping branches. Not for shallow chalk soils.
mugo 'Maghus' [Dwarf Mountain Pine]
A large tree with a dense branch structure and grey-brown bark when mature. A good tree for maritime climates and exposed situations. Densely arranged, dark green needles.
sylvestris [Scots Pine]
Native pine, with grey green needles and an orangey bark.
Slow growing evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and sweetly scented creamy white flowers which turn yellow. An excellent wall shrub.
tenuifolium 'Irene Patterson'
Very attractive, slow growingevergreen plant which eventually reaches about 2.5 metres. Young foliage is creamy white which matures to a deep green marbled with white. During winter it developes tinges of pink.
Small spreading tree with semi-double, rich pink flowers 4cms across.
Small, columnar tree with erect branches, and clusters of fragrant, semi-double, shell-pink flowers. Young leaves greenish-bronze.
A very popular and widely used flowering cherry. Masses of dark pink flowers produced in the spring followed by coppery-red leaves that mature to green and give good autumn colours. Vase shaped when young but becoming spreading with time.
'Mirabelle de Nancy'
A traditional fruiting plum with delicious, small, yellow fruits.
Very popular sweet eating cherry with big fruits flushed yellow produced mid to late season.
Small upright growing tree which requires little maintenance. Columnar habit and the branches are smothered by pale pink blossom March/April. Green leaves turn bronze-red in autumn. Grows best on well drained soil.
'Pink Perfection'
A very striking tree with rosy-pink flower buds opening to pink flowers in long drooping clusters. Late flowering with bronze young leaves.
'Quetsche D'Alsace'
Self-fertile fruiting Plum, dark purple fruits in the autumn. A fantastic tree for a small garden
'Shirotae' [Mount Fuji Cherry]
Small but vigorous tree with a gently weeping habit. Produces large, single and semi-double, pure white flowers in the spring. Good tree for gardens, parks and verges.
'Tai Haku' [Great White Cherry]
This tree has large white flowers and its leaves emerge coppery in colour before turning green, creating an interesting contrast.
The new growth emerges bronze, contrasting well with the off-white or very pale yellow flowers.
avium 'Plena' [Double Gean]
This tree produces abundant double white flowers in April.
cerasifera 'Nigra' [Purple Leaved Plum]
Leaves and young stems are dark purple and the tree produces pink flowers in April.
laurocerasus 'Caucasica'
A very vigorous form. Narrower leaves and a more upright habit than the common 'Laurel'.
Single pink flowers in spring, orange/crimson autumn colours.
schmittii [Ornamental Hybrid Cherry]
This fast-growing, Chinese hybrid between Prunus avium (wild cherry) and Prunus canescens is a lovely, shrubby tree with dark mahogany brown bark. It picks up the vigour from Prunus avium and the richly-coloured bark of Prunus canescens to produce a fine conical tree. Pale pink flowers in spring. Perfect for smaller spaces.
Small white flowers in April. The bark of P. serrula has the appearance of polished mahagony, making this tree attractive all year round, most especially in winter.
subhirtella 'Autumnalis' [Winter Flowering Cherry]
This is the white flowering form.
Easy to grow eater with excellent flavour. The hardiest and most reliable variety throughout Britain.
'Doyenne du Comice'
One of the best eating pears with a rich flavour and soft juicy flesh.
calleryana 'Chanticleer'
A white flowered ornamental 'Pear' with a conical habit. The leaves have a purplish autumn colour and stay late on the tree.
salicifolia 'Pendula'
Silvery, lanceolate leaves, and a pendulous habit.
ilex [Evergreen Oak]
Glossy leaves on a spreading tree. An English native suitable for maritime and exposed sites.
palustris [Pin Oak]
A glorious open headed tree. Deeply cut leaves usually have an autumn colour to match the 'Scarlet Oak'.
robur [English Oak]
Large with a broad head. A native tree which is vigorous on good soils.
robur 'Fastigiata' [Cypress Oak]
Large imposing tree of columnar habit. Very good tree where space is limited. Often used in street avenue planting.
rubra [Red Oak]
A large broad headed tree. Produces striking autumn colours.
suber [Cork Oak]
A medium sized tree with a spreading crown, mature specimens have 'craggy' bark.
'off 'Miss Jessop's Upright'
Upright form of rosemary forming a neat erect bush.
alba 'Britzensis' [Scarlet Willow]
Bright orange-red shoots create a tremendous effect in winter.
x chrysocoma [Weeping Willow]
This will eventually make a sizable tree. Golden weeping stems and silvery leaves.
giganteum [Giant Redwood]
This very large Californian native is famous for its height and soft spongy bark.
aria 'Lutescens'
An outstanding creamy-silver leaved 'Whitebeam'. Leaves turn progressively greener throughout the growing season.
aucuparia [Rowan, Mountain Ash]
White flowers are followed by masses of orange-red berries in autumn.
A form of 'Rowan', with berries that turn from red through to white, with pinkish overtones.
arundinacea [Pheasant Tail Grass]
Versatile, fast growing, evergreen grass which grows in sun or partial shade. It has copper, gold and bronze tones in the autumn and a soft arching habit. Grows to about 75cms high and 75cms spread.
tenuissima [Pony Tails]
Upright, compact deciduous grass with arching, fine foliage and feathery flower panicles in the summer.
vulgaris 'Katherine Havemeyer'
Excellent Lilac with purple-lavender, scented, double flowers that fade to pale lilac-pink borne on broad panicles.
distichum [Swamp Cypress]
A deciduous conifer with light green leaves turning yellow in autumn. It can tolerate very wet conditions and is often seen next to lakes and water courses.
baccata [English Yew]
A native conifer with small, dark green leaves and fleshy red fruits that contain a poisonous seed. This plant will become a medium sized tree or large shrub if left to take its natural form. We are growing clipped plants in a pyramid form that are ideal for giving a structured effect to a planting design. Larger sizes are supplied with a wire root-ball.
baccata 'Fastigiata Robusta'
Very narrow fastigiate form of yew. Very good for formal situations.
baccatta 'Fastigiata Aurea' [Irish Yew]
Dense, compact upright clone forming a narrow columnar plant. Leaves are dark green. Popular plant often used in formal situations.
plicata 'Atrovirens'
A fast growing conifer with emerald green foliage. Widely used for hedging.
cordata 'Greenspire'
An upright, American form of the 'Small Leaved Lime'. Elegant and well behaved.
platyphyllos 'Rubra ' [Red Twigged Lime]
A 'Lime' with ascending branches and rounded habit. The young shoots are red, and are of particular interest in winter.
x euchlora
A fine tree with shiny leaves and arching branches, very resistant to aphids.
A deciduous climber which thrives in sun or partial shade. Racemes of white to lilac-blue flowers in late spring.
sinesis 'Alba' [White Chinese Wisteria]
'Alba' is a large deciduous climber with twining stems, pinnate leaves and short racemes of fragrant, pure white, pea-like flowers opening before the new leaves.
A slow growing but eventually large tree. Commonly has a short trunk with masses of ascending branches making a conical head.
serrata [Japanese Zelcova]
A small spreading tree. The feathery leaves turn red in autumn.
serrata 'Green Vase' [Japanese zelkova]
A vigorous, vase-shaped tree valued for its attractive manner of growth, dark green leaves that turn orange to bronze-red in the autumn and its resistance to Dutch elm disease. 'Green Vase' grows somewhat narrower in habit than other cultivars, making it more suitable for street planting. Prefers rich, moist loams and full sun. Hardy.

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